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Luxurious Set $120

The name says it all with this one. Fine lashes are applied in fans of 5-8, the end result is full, fluffy and Luxurious. This set is perfect for those that already get extensions but want something a bit more dramatic for special occasions. We have four different curls and[…]

Glamour Set $100

These lashes are applied the same way as our Elegant Set, in fans of 2-3 lashes per natural lash. However, the lashes used for this set are slightly thicker! This means a bolder look for those of you that like a bit more of an extra look. We have four[…]

Elegant Set $90

Fine lashes are applied in small fans of 2-3 lashes per natural lash, the end results is a lightweight, full coverage, fluffy look. This is our signature style and we have four different curls and seven lengths to deliver any look from cute and natural to long and extra!  […]

Classic Set $80

This set is the classic lash extension style where one eyelash is applied to each individual natural lash.  It looks natural because each individual lash appears thicker and longer without it being obvious that you’re wearing extensions. This results in a timeless look. With four different curls and seven different[…]

Other Facial Threading $5

Threading performed on other areas of your face. For example; Forehead, cheeks, and chin. The price is per area.

Eye Trio $35

A complete package consisting of Lash Tinting, Brow Tinting, and Brow Threading. Add colour and depth to your natural lashes and eyebrows. We then use thread to create very tidy lines resulting in amazing, defined brows.

Lash Tinting Before and After

Lash Tint $20

Eyelash tint: a quick treatment with long lasting results, no maintenance and lasts 4-6 weeks! come In and relax while we apply a dark tint to your Lashes to make them really stand out, then carry on with your normal routine!

Brow Threading $10

Threading is a technique that involves using cotton thread to pull hairs out from the roots. This technique is more gentle on your skin than waxing and is far more time efficient than tweezing. Using thread on brows allows us to create very tidy lines resulting in amazing defined brows.[…]

Brow Tinting $15

A quick treatment that adds colour and depth to your natural brows. Lay back and relax while we mix up a tint to match your desired colour, then carefully apply it to your brows. Enjoy a cup of tea or simply relax while the tint develops on your brows for[…]


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