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Aftercare Instructions

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This page has some helpful tips on how to look after your Eye Lash Extensions and Nails.

Lash Extensions

Keep your lashes dry for the first 10 hours – This includes swimming/showers/rain/ saunas/spas/steam rooms

If you swim or use a pool after the 10 hour period – Rinse your lashes with fresh water

Clean and brush your lashes daily – we recommend micellar water or Lash Shampoo for cleaning

Avoid any oil-based products near the extensions – it will interfere with the glue

We shed 2-3 natural lashes every day – your extensions are attached to these so they will also fall out

Avoid sleeping on your face if possible

Avoid picking or pulling at the lashes

Do no use lash curlers on extensions

Do not use waterproof mascara

Avoid strong heat near the lashes, it will cause them to lose their curl

If you need to blow dry them – use a cool setting and low power

Empire Lashes & Beauty takes no responsibility for the aftercare of your lash extensions. Please make yourself familiar with our aftercare advice to maintain your lash extensions.


Gel Polish is hard wearing however not indestructible, this aftercare information will allow you to get the most out of your new nails.

Always wear gloves for washing up, cleaning, gardening, and any other jobs that may be hard-wearing or require your hands to be in the water, chemicals, or dirt for long periods of time. Nails are porous and will be temporarily weakened when in water for a long period of time. Over time this will cause your nails to break and/or chip

Cuticle oil is the best way to keep your natural nails and cuticles healthy and hydrated. Cuticle oil also prevents the gel from getting hard and brittle – causing the gel to be more prone to chipping. Cuticle oil should be used daily

DO NOT pick, bite or peel your nails, this will encourage lifting and can be very bad for your natural nails. When the gel is removed by peeling this may take layers of your natural nails with it

Try to use the pads of your fingers to open cans, press buttons, etc, anything that can cause tensions on the nail as this will eventually cause lifting

Wash hands after contact with chlorine, insect repellent, or sunscreen

It is important to remember ‘Your Nails are Jewels NOT tools’

It is important to keep your nails regularly maintained or ensure you are having your nails removed correctly

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